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A missing tooth can be more than a bother; it can threaten your state of mind and your overall oral health. If the missing tooth is noticeable when you open your mouth, it can impact your desire to want to smile and affect your self-esteem in a negative way. Ultimately, it can end up creating a vicious cycle in which you do not want to smile because you think your smile is ugly, others perceive you as unfriendly, unwelcoming, or angry and so tend to avoid you, thus giving you even less reason to smile. However, with help from a cosmetic dentist in NYC, you can regain your beautiful smile and your self-confidence.

Dental Implants – In NY, the Next Best Thing to Natural Teeth

When your NYC cosmetic dentist installs your dental implant, it will look, feel, and act just like a natural tooth. This is because it is an artificial tooth that becomes fused to your jawbone just like a real tooth, so that it is permanent and secure. Your new dental implant can be treated just like a real tooth too: chewing, swallowing, talking will not be affected, and no one else will be able to tell that it is not a natural tooth.

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The Midtown Dental Group has the experience you need when you are considering dental implants. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, your New York City dentist will fashion an implant that is a perfect fit for your mouth. Because the dentists at Midtown Dental Group have your comfort as a number one priority, you can rest assured that the procedure to implant your new tooth will be pain-free and done in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

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